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Spy Pics !!!

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:gap: :gap:

More to come......:eek:
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hey krysy....I am curious to know how you will get into your car if your battery dies. Are you going to be popping your door from a spot under the car or in the tire fender area? Or is it pure electical like mine (just press a button on my alarm thing on my keychain). Mine is a nice popper, it does have the spring on the door or anything, looks stock. The reason I ask is because on more than one occasion I have had to climb through my trunk to open my doors (various reasons...don't ask...I'm sure it'll happen to you too at some time though). I always wanted to put a lil camera in my trunk keyhole, but was too afraid I wouldn't be able to get into my car because I would have filled up all my locks...
KrysyGT said:
There is a emergency button that the kit comes with that I can use should the battery die on me- yes I have to install it somewhere on the car. The kit is from Autoloc. I also have my hood rigged so I can get under it without getting into the car :) I refuse to tell how so my car dosen't get stolen haha :)

But I should be okay otherwise I am in trouble. heh.
I agree, shaving your door handles should lower your insurance because the car is harder to steal! Too bad it's illegal to have them...

I went through inspections and they told me I needed to etch into my window "break in case of emergency". They were crazy if they thought I'd actually do that...

Yea, I don't blame you for not telling anyone how to get under your hood or in your car.....I don't even have any secrets to mine. Basically I have no safety precautions.......I just think of it as no crooks can find a secret way into my car :gap:
because it's a driving hazard. If you get into an accident, firefighters, etc can't open your door to get to you in order to save your life.

I think it's common sense to smash the window....guess they don't...oh well
i bet she's just getting a new radiator:chuckles:
Id laugh if by "on order" u meant waiting the rest of my life out for the SF kit, but I doubt you were one of the unlucky few to get caught up in that mess.
u don't know about the stafford fabrication turbo wait list/problems? Here's a short summary...

....people paid in full $3,000 + about a yr ago

....Mike at SF does not respond to anyone ever

...doubtful they will ever get their kids
u didn't know that either Evil? God, your a moderator too....I thought everyone knew about that.....

....anyways, I don't want to continue to hijack krysy's back to her car
silverCELICAgt-s said:
whats not gonna pass inspection?

if u want, i can ask my dads friend with the 57' chevy with the 98 vette engine used to go to in the past for his other custom antique builds

anyore spy pics? :drool:

cant wait to see the paint job. u gonna do a two tone? what if u did a gradation effect with the pink paint, that would be pretty cool, like a pink to a purple or somethin, just suggestions, lol.

u gettin the interior plastics dyed? anybody know how much getting them dyed would cost around?

what are you talking about?!?! she's putting a shiatload of money into her car! She's obviously rice!!! :jerkoff:
looking good!:thumbup:
1 - 9 of 61 Posts
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