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Hi guys,

I hate to ask for help but I think it might save me some considerable time if I do :) Here's my problem:
My lovely girlfriend Helen has got one of these pretty Celicas. It's 2002, VVTLI 190, UK model, 2ZZ-GE engine. A month ago, when it was quite snowy and cold, the car would not start. The starter would not even turn. All lights on, dashboard too, only when turning the ignition key, the clock display in the centre went black and then back on when the ignition key returned to the on position. Battery fine (bought last year and charged over night just to be dead sure).
Helen decided to have it towed to her garage (not main delaers) to get it resolved. The guy who came to tow it noticed that the main 50A fuse was blown. He swapped it for the one from the heater and the car started. The next attempt a few minutes later failed and the fuse was blown again (these big ones are not cheap! :)) The garage replaced without thinking the starter motor. The next day after Helen collected her fixed car, it would not start. Exactly the same as before. Towed to the garage again.
A week later, the garage guys said they spent days and days trying to find the problem (not successfully) and they thought it was the secondary air pump. Strangely, every resource I have seen on the internet says that Celicas were not equiped with the air pump before 2004. So the first question is: how can I tell whether the car has the smog pump or not?
After several attempts, the guys rewired things in the fuse box to disable the air pump so it does not cause issues (so they said). The next day after Helen got her "fixed" car back from the garage, the engine light came on. It's P0410 - Secondary Air Injection Malfunction. They reset it and told her to come when she needs switching the light off again.
I looked at the fuse box. The main fuse is now missing as they did some crazy rewiring. Yesterday, Helen's car would not start again. Exactly the same symptomps - the starter engine would not even turn. I went to rescue her and found that the EFI fuse was blown. After replacing it, the car started.
We don't quite trust the guys in the garage anymore as they did not do anything good and it cost a lot of money. I'm determined to solve the problem, but to be able to do so, I need information. Is anyone willing to share his thoughts?
I read about the air pump and that it sometimes gets damaged (or frozen) by water leaking into it through the valve. If the car is really equiped with the pump then I assume that's where the issue is..
I can't find any Celica wiring diagram that would show the air pump..
Many thanks for any suggestion.
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