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hi guys. A question from over the pond in England.

I have a gen7 zzt231 celica.
It has quite a lot of modifications, mostly factory so ill just list what it has to be clear about my issue as I go on.. *indicates factory upgrade

*TTE springs (shocks are genuine but unsure if shorter or stock)
*TTE centre exit
*TTE front bib
*TTE rear exhaust cover
Airbox flap mod
Pipercross panel
avansis front brake upgrade
Decat and wiring mod for rear o2 sensor
*factory fondmetal 17" 6 spoke rims x5
Hyperflex poly bush kit on whole front end and rear ARB
Powdercoated front subframe and arms
*Colour coded side skirts
*sunroof and A/C
*TRD parts (gear knob airbag badge oil filler cap centre caps etc)
any work I did was around 18 months ago so things are not brand new but I only do 5000 miles per year so I don't expect anything to be worn out either.

My issues are I have a cuple of knocks and I also have a weave on the front end.

When we did the bush kit I also replaced the front ball joints and drop links so basically is was all new. the car has had alignment about 5 times since at various intervals..

When up on the ramp I cant find play anywhere. Ive had a couple of friends that are professional mechanics look with me and neither can find a problem either.
moving the wheel side to side (by hand in the air) with someone touching the tie rods you can feel a small knock but im told its normal and its very minimal.
No play when engine running.. no feel of any play through steering wheel when driving.
The ARB straps are greased up all the nuts bolts etc have been checked for torque.
Ive had the bar in everywhere and cant find a problem.

Yet when on the road the ns (drivers side to you left hand drivers) has a knock sometimes under heavy braking, sometimes over pot holes, sometimes when parking on full lock. The knock sounds heavy like a ball joint but theyre both new.. im wondering if its a tie rod or top mount.
On the os (that's passenger side to you guys driving on the left) there is also a knock over pot holes mostly but also when manouvering or parking where use of lock and also the brake is required.
I cant exactly make the car knock on command. its a bit hit and miss like that. itll behave for 5 miles then every bump, braking zone etc for a mile itll knock and bang around.. its very frustrating.
It also has developed a weave as you roll on and off the throttle..
What I mean is say im doing 50 mph dead straight. if I roll onto the throttle the steering wheel moves approx. 8th turn to the left but the car remains straight... then if I roll off the throttle the wheel moves back straight but again the car remains straight. Its like as the weight transfers back and the front goes light something is floating out of position and as the weight drops back down it returns.
Im honestly baffled.
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