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OK, I probably should have done some more searching, but a lot of info is probably out of date anyway.

My '02 GT-S came with BC Racing coilovers. The threads are currently seized at max lowering. I'm planning to keep them, hopefully get them unstuck, and keep for future track days. In the meantime I also want to set up a more OEM quality ride.

I have zero of the OEM strut components. So far I have purchased some KYB AG-X shocks, and will probably get some Tein H-Techs for a slight lowering, but still pretty comfortable ride. I'd get TRD springs if they still existed.

Anyway, it's all well and good to buy shocks & springs, but then of course I need mounts and the rear bracket things. Then I need all the rubber insulators/cushions/bumpers. I'm trying to go through the Toyota parts catalog...but I can see this is going to add up really quickly...just for rubber. :rolleyes: As in over $350 even at an online Toyota parts place with a good discount and the current free shipping promo.

I know KYB has a rear kit (SM5382), which seems to include some stuff...but I can't tell exactly what all I would still need. And the fronts...well, I see KYB mounts...and bellows, but that's about it. Maybe a couple lower insulators listed on rockauto, but I don't see the thicker upper insulator/cushions for front/rear anywhere.

Are there any options out there? Do I need to just deal with the fact that it's going to nickel & dime me, pull the trigger and move on?
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