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This Has been posted before, but im posting it again because im adding two items.
here are the new two items:

-Racing Hart 3-piece C2 rims 18x8 with Yokohama Parada Spec-2 225/35 tires. these are discontinued rims that are becoming rare, they are in almost new condition. two of the rims have small marks on the lip from a curb check, and the tires are slightly warn on the inside from the car being cambered. I would like $1800 for these rims.
-Blitz style Fiberglass front bumper by JT Autostyle. this bumper is made of real thick and strong Fiberglass. there are a few tiny crack marks, and chips, but for the most part, the front is in almost new, condition. it is painted liquid silver, and black on the bottom where the center opening is. it is also painted black around where the indentation for the celica symbol is. i picked this up for $500 painted, and will sell it for $400

for the two items listed above, they are for pickup only. i dont want to deal with shipping, and all that. Also, I still have my GT 1zz engine and some other stuff for sale... mostly stock stuff

I am selling a 2000 Toyota Celica GT engine for $1500(price is negotiable). It is the 1zzfe VVT-I, complete with ECU, wire harness, and 4-speed automatic tranny. The engine has 42k miles on it, and still runs strong. Althought, It isnt as quick upon take off and climbing hills as it was when it was newer with less miles, but so far I have had no problems with the engine at all. The reason I am selling is because I am doing a hybrid transplant, so the 1zz has to go. The engine also has some aftermarket parts already installed. It has a Injen cold air Intake, and a Hotshot header. If you do not prefer these parts, I have the stock header and Intake as well.

Heres the details:
This sale is for pickup only, and I am located in Southern Cali. The engine is currently in my car , and I will not pull it until I have a confirmed buyer. I will require half up front and the cost to rent an engine lift for 2-3 days, which is about $30 dollars a day. Only when I have a confirmed buyer, with half of the cost in my posession, will I pull the engine. It will take me about 2-3 days, after that the engine will be ready for pickup. I will split up the tranny and engine, it I have two buyers for both

heres the other stuff:

-Nissan Silvia s14 sr20de engine identification tag(i know its not toyota, just seeing if anyones interested)
-Nissan R32 Skyline tail lights(dark blue) with the wire plugs
-stock amber signal lights $20
-stock hood scoop(liquid silver) $20
-stock gt Intake box $40
-stock wing(liquid silver) $40
-stock '00 tail lights $25
-Altezza style Black housing tail lights painted smoke black $50
-gt white indiglo gauge overlay (w/ out ballast) $5
-stock gt plastic engine block cover $10
-stock door sills $15

also, i have gt back axles complete with spindles, e-brake assembly and drum brakes sitting at the shop, if someone has an interest in this, let me know, otherwise, the shop is keeping it. the axles have about 30,000 miles on them. I would prefer to sell the whole thing together. i would like this item to be pick up only, and i would like to get $300 for it

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Squiggly said:
gt plastic engine block cover, that just the main piece or all pieces from the engine?
just the main piece that goes over the block
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