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sunroof problem

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my sunroof cover thing got stuck half way back ... and it wont go backwards or forwards .. how the heck do i even start goin about fixin this ?
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is the motor still active? or does it not make any sound at all?
is the care still under warranty if yes take it to the dealership
the sunroof works fine its the shade thing that doesnt move n e more its stuck half way back and wont go either way .. car is not under warranty n e more and im sure it would be costly to have them fix it
Happened to me once. I just beat the hell out of it and pushed it backward. When I pulled it back out, it got stuck again, so I kept pulling and eventually it all came out. Nothing damaged or broken. :D But don't blame me if you try this and something bad does happen. ;)
See about the TSB regarding the shade. It may not apply to 2001s. I've never looked at it and I do have a problem with the shade separating if I push or pull too hard - just lazy me, I guess. But, if its covered and you're under warranty - what the hell!
I agree, believe ther is a TSB on this and Toyota LOVES (sarcastic) when you come in knowling what your talking about.
so how do tsb s work .. do i mention that theres a tsb on the thing and they will give me crap .. then what .. even if im outa warranty . ..

bastards did a tsb on my shifter adn replaced it with 02 gates
If you are outa warranty I think you're screwed but I would mension the TSB cause some dealers don't even know about them. Or maybe they just play dumb. A TSB is only created because of many of the same complaints by customers... therfore if you say you have a problem and it sounds similar to a TSB, then they will most likely replace that part first. Good luck.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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