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Support Oahu Motorsports! Hawaii State Capitol Cruise Route!

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This is important for everyone...the big day is finally here, and we need to show our support for Oahu Motorsports, and your support for changing the current recon laws. Please pass this info on to anyone who's intending to show tomorrow.

We will also have a static display of go-karts, Formulas, Drag-Racers, etc...and if you'd like to be included in the display, simply show up with your modified rides at 11PM tomorrow in front of the Capitol building. We're looking for great examples of the Motorsports scene.

A few legislators and the local media will be there so PLEASE...if you can...mark your windows with white shoe polish and the letters: "HRP" so we'll know who you are!

The current FAQ and route is here: Capitol Cruise/State_Capitol_FAQ.htm

What we're asking for everyone to do, is basically cruise around the capitol in an orderly fashion for as long as they can. We'll basically be cruising using the red route, and if there's too many cars...the yellow route will extend the loop...

Please follow the following route:
Stay in the farthest left hand lane at all times. Starting in front of the State Capitol Building on South Beretania Street (Father Damien Statue), take your immediate left onto Richards Street (If there is a large turn-out of crusiers, we will extend the route to Bishop Street). Take the next left onto South King Street. Take your next left onto Alapai Street (again, stay in your left hand lane). To complete the loop, take your next left onto South Beretania Street and repeat.

Here is a map of the route!

This is your chance to show your support for Hawaii Motorsports, and your non-support for current RECON policies. Please, help us all out...take a bit of your time, and give us a helping hand.
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Also...if you've got questions, please feel free to call me, (Mike K.) at 847-3599, 375-0885, or 782-7432. See ya tomorrow.
hey what car ya gonna be in? the fd in ur sig?
Dang..made a's 11AM showtime for anyone putting their rides up for static display at the capitol building. Sorry!

I'm running the static I'll be hoofing it. My wife will be in the WRX though.
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