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Suspension setup questions

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Does anyone know how the front swaybay affects wheel rate?

I'm looking into setting up my Celica GT for STS. I've been throwing around a bunch of different numbers but since the car is just about 2 weeks old there is still a lot that I have to learn about it.

The setup that I was looking to start with would the be Zeal B6 setup with 448 lb/in fr, 560 lb/in r springs. After autocrossing the car, only 3 runs might I add, I've noticed that it does have substantial body roll, and also suffers from traction issues. I'm kinda worried that I may still run into wheelspin issues with the setup that I have listed.

What I'd like to do, is experiment with removing the front swaybar to limit this. I was thinking that I may need to go with 560fr, 560r setup to start with If I chose to remove the bar, then I would fool around with a larger rear bar if necessary before increasing the rear rates again. TIA.

Jeff H
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An easy way to play with sway bar action is to simply disconnect one end link. Makes it good as useless, and takes all of a few minutes.

The set-up with the rates you quted IMHO sounds like a good starting point, at least fort his GS guy. The only car I know good spring rates for is a 3G Civic. Also remember, if there is enough spring rate, sway bars are kind of unnecessary.
Thanks Rob...I too am also much more familiar with spring rates for Honda's as I had autocrossed an Integra before this. I'd just really hate to have to get shocks I put on the car revalved in the middle of the season. Or have my car push real bad cause I've eliminated the active suspension in the rear.

I'm gonna go for it and see what I can learn, with the sway bar disconnected, etc...What's the feeling about using front/rear strut tower/chassis braces? I seem to have read more negative than positive things about them, the front ones at least. Is this because people in the stock classes can't do much to stiffen up the rear??
Nope, it's because stock class can't use any STBs.
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