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Suzuki iK-2 Concept
The iK-2 is the first of Suzuki's two Geneva debuts, the other one being a small 4x4 called the iM-4 about which you'll read very soon.

Perhaps though it's the iK-2 that most European buyers are interested in, since it claims to be a proper alternative to your everyday VW Polo, Ford Fiesta or Opel Corsa. Not to mention the rest of the gang. You're really spoiled for choice when it comes to the B-Segment, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The iK-2 is build around new-generation platform and comes equipped with a new turbocharged petrol unit called the 'BOOSTERJET' engine. Really? Boosterjet?

Still, it's not a bad looking car at all, and seen as though it will be released in Europe early next year along with a SHVS mild hybrid system, we're pretty impressed overall.

The exterior of the car was designed with what's called "Liquid Flow", a philosophy which suggests dynamism, the way a liquid moves around with a low, wide silhouette. Its bold front fascia features a wide bumper grille and distinctive LED headlights. It looks like an evolution of the Kizashi's front fascia - which we always liked by the way.

The new-gen platform is designed with increased rigidity and weight reduction in mind. This results in improved fuel efficiency, better safety, handling, stability and NVH performance. Furthermore, Suzuki will streamline development by consolidating its existing four platform to three in order to build new cars more efficiently while keeping up with market demand.

As for the 1.0 liter direct-injection BOOSTERJET turbo engine, no word on performance just yet, but it's supposed to improve fuel efficiency (which it will do thanks to its small displacement) as well as offer sufficient power and torque thanks to its turbocharger.

The iK-2 concept has an overall length of 4,023 mm with its wheelbase measuring 2,520 mm, which means it's about as big as your average B-Segment car, but with a slightly longer wheelbase - which might translate to more room inside.

Still, we're certain that the Suzuki iK-2 will have its work cut out once it goes on sale in 2016.

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