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Okay, like many of you I installed an aftermarket intake, and my check engine light came on. I didn't really sweat it since I have an OBDII scanner, and I figured if worse came to worse I'd just reset the codes before I got my emissions done.

So last Friday I reset my codes and went to get my emissions tested only to find out the Celica has a "System Monitor" which is also reset when I reset my CEL codes, and so they couldn't do my test. I am trying to actually fix the CEL issue, but in the meantime I just need to pass emissions.

My Question: How many miles does it take to reset the System Monitor? I was able to drive roughly 200 miles before the CEL came back, so if the System Monitor resets BEFORE 200 miles, then I will just go get the emissions testing before the CEL comes back.

Thanks in advance.
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