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Tanabe springs installed

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Today I installed my Tanabe DF210 springs, well a friend installed them and I annoyed him :D

drop is alot but still driveable and the ride is also very nice.



Me is happy :D

Now I need to wait for my vacationbonus before ordering some wheels :)
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lookin good bro.

You better get those Work Kai wheels.
or whatever you showed me.
thanx, i'm pretty happy with them right now :)
they should be 2" but it looks a bit less
Nice! I've got the same springs on my car as well. These are supposedly the new super down precedo, but the DF210's don't seem to drop the car as low as the precedeo springs do.
very nice drop, hows the comfort on those? i'm looking for somthing lower than my teins right now but not to stiff
comfort is pretty good, had an hour drive back home after installing these and the ride was pretty good.
do u have any more pictures that would show the rear wheel gap better?
I'll make one later this evening, when it's not raining so hard :)
thanx for the pic man, loooks great, nice gap
Whoa, first time ive seen a stock gts without a spoiler...
what kind of shocks and struts are u running w/ those?
those are my favorite springs for the celica.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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