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TCC: Need info for site

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Okay here's the dealio.

To be on the site I need u guys:

1. Send pics from each member: 1Front, 1Front/Driver,1Back/Passenger, 1Rear
optional: Interior, engine bay and any other pics u want on

2. Fill this out (copy and paste)
  1. Name:
  2. Location(city):
  3. Email:
  4. Year, GT/GTS/ST,etc, color:
  5. Interior Mods(Audio/video,seats,alarm,etc):
  6. Exterior Mods(kit,wheels,hoods):
  7. Engine Mods(performance,intakes,Nos,exhaust):
  8. Suspension(springs,bars,sways):

    3. Need group pics: One with all the cars in each city, and all people and/or cars

    4. Need meet pics if u have any, funny ones, car ones, group ones, drunk ones...

    Send them all to [email protected] (aka Asian Ben)
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ohhh and to join our crew, just have a celica (any year and model), be in texas and attend a meet. Email me [email protected] aim:celicastylz or Ben [email protected] or aim:BananaRyce
ben doesnt count then, he's never been to a meet :D
he's been to two, i think. 1 fo sho. Plus he's buildin our site, so he's done pretty much as much stuff as the rest of us. :D
Name: Sam H. Lee

Location(city): Houston

Email: [email protected]

Year, GT/GTS/ST,etc, color:

2000/ (6-Speed) GT-S/ Liquid Silver

Interior Mods(Audio/video,seats,alarm,etc):

Red Center Console/ Red and Silver Custom Seats and Tonneau-cover/ Corbeau 4-Point Hardness/
APC Reversed Indiglo Gages (Blue & Red)/ Blue Neon (Footwell)/ Custom Short-shifter with Matrix Shift-knob.

Exterior Mods(kit,wheels,hoods):

17" Axis Se7en/ Nitto Tires/ Red Brake Calipers (Front & Rear)/ Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop/ TRD Watermarks/ Altezza Tail-lights/
Reflective Piranha "Fish" Sticker.

Engine Mods(performance,intakes,Nos,exhaust):

Red Engine Plastic Covers/ Injen Aluminum Oil-Cap, Spark-plug and Engine Covers/ Factory Renforced Transmission/ TRD-Stage2 Clutch/ AEM Cold-air Intake/ Custom RX-7 Exhaust.


Ground Control Coil-overs/ Hotchakis Front Strut-bar with Camber-links/ TRD Rear Strut-bar.
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What about losers like me that dont have a celica?:chuckles:
Can't he use info from the old site?
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