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CLEANED OUT THE GARAGE! and have these items for sale!

FOR SALE IN THE USA ONLY. PAYPAL to a verified address only!

C-One lip – polyurethane fits 03+ Bumbers $290 shipped via Greyhound
Item has a bit of curb rash. Nothing a body shop cant fix

Grey Side Skirt – 80 Shipped

Fiber glass TRD Rear Fits– $190 shipped
Item was never fitted or installed. Cant guarantee fitment

03+ Stock Radio with Blue LED(Soldered Myself) $70 shipped OBO

The following are all brand new never installed. Opened box to inspect item only.

Tein SS Coilovers SS Dampers (DSY70-2USS1) - $1300 shipped via Greyhound
Tein EDFC Controller Kit (EDK04-K4469) – $230 shipped
Tein EDFC Motor Kit (EDK05-12140)– $150 shipped
Tein EDFC Strut Kit (EDK06-K4474) – $20 shipped

If your willing to buy the coilovers with all of the EDFC components ill ship everything for 1500. THats a steal especially with it all being brand new.

Here are some pics:

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Tein SS Coilover Kit (DSY70-2USS1)
Tein EDFC Controller Kit (EDK04-K4469)
Tein EDFC Motor Kit (EDK05-12140)
Tein EDFC Strut Kit (EDK06-K4474)
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