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Wow, room for 7 passangers? how is that supposed to work? it looks promising if it'll work out, which if they can get it out the door for the price they're saying, i think it will(gr?).
Anyways, i think this would be a perfect place to, in a few years once they've settled in with the technology of this car, try out the turbine + generator combo that was discussed earlier ( if you took out the space that those 2 rearward facing seats occupied and stuffed a nice compressed (and possibily removable for maintenance) generator + turbine combo, you could sell this thing as a hugelly improved version of the volt. On another note, WHY is GM taking so long to build the freaking volt. A STARTUP is pretty much matching their pace!

Edit: on a side note, the one potential problem i see in this car is that Tesla is saying it won't be released until Q3 2011. I look at this as Musk telling us the technology still isn't developed. It'd be interesting to see how far this concept could go on its battery packs...
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