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I have a few item up for sale. or at least just testing water to see if I have any interested buyers. IF so, I’ll post up another thread for sale with Picture wit sig/date

Here a list of what I have...

SRI Injen with filter, no coupler/or hardware.

Custom Front seats, Leather with red racing strip. *will throw in rear seats with the purchase of the front seats. (pick up only, local)

Stock air box

Speed Sensor will fit GT/GTS.

2002 GTS manual ECU.

Stock Springs.

NF210 lowering springs (1.5in all around)

GTS wheels (only Local pick up)

Passenger airbag 00-02 gray interior. not black 03-05

TRD wing painted RED (authentic wing, not end caps)

Custom fitted Subwoofer (hold two 12’s) (local pick up only)

00-02 Plastic sun/moon roof.

Like I said, this thread is just testing out. If I have enough interest, I’ll post up a for sale thread.

Thanks for looking.

AZ peeps have first Dibs.
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