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Is that a banana?
I heard Chewbaca and R2D2 die in the new Star Wars movie.
I wouldn't know; I haven't seen it yet.
Do robots "die"?
Work sucks.
I hate dealing with incompetency stemming from the coworker level and branching through each level of management.
It's amazing to me, seeing the position some of these people are in and how fucking dumb they are.
The struggle is driving me slowly towards an insane asylum; is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Or maybe, just maybe, I've made some really bad choices in life which lead me to find myself in these positions of strife.
I'm currently "dating" the hottest woman I've ever dated.
She does, without a doubt, far exceed the league I reside in.
I exercise again, so I guess my boyish good looks and chiseled muscles are enough to keep her shallow mind from realizing she's slumming it up by seeing me.
I'm okay with that. I don't expect anything meaningful to come from this situation.
With my most recent ex-girlfriend, I am 3/3 in past ex-girlfriends for being cheated on.
Just because I have a little dick doesn't mean you can treat me with disrespect and dishonesty.
Can you say, trust issues?
Can you say, forever alone?
Conformity and a utilitarian structure at the most basic level of society is a fucking joke.
As if my purple hair hinders my ability to do good work.
Pennsylvania, you suck for allowing employers to fire anyone for any reason at any point in time.
Is this winter?
If yes, then when is it actually coming?
If no, then wake me from this hellish nightmare I'm being unfortunately and unnecessarily subjected to.
I haven't been able to go snowboarding yet because it fluctuates from below freezing in November to above 60F in December.
I wore a T-shirt on Christmas.
Today it is 48F.
Yesterday I did not wear a jacket to work.
Curse you, Climate!
We did have our first snow a few days ago. It accumulated, minimally, and then promptly melted.
My mom's basement says hello.
I have a snowboarding trip to Colorado coming up in March. Yay!
The trip will mark my first request for time off from work in over 2 years.
Working 6 days/week doing the same thing for 2+ years and having the same conversations day-in/day-out really takes it's toll on your sanity.
I go to work, and it's exactly the same as yesterday, and the day before, and the day before last.
Groundhog Day. Torture. Hell.
Over and over and over again.
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
As Owen Hart would say, "Enough is enough and it's time for a change!"
And we've gone full circle.
Is that a banana?
pics of the hottesst chick you dating currently

Oh. Snap. Ohsnapohsnap
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And Dallas is Nowhere NEAR Mexico. Friggin Yank.
listen you fukin boosted you know what i meant. one state bordering a different nation on one side, and then one state bordering a different nation on the other

glad i had to spell that out for you, fukin texas hillbilly trash!!!!!

You know nothing.
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pics of the hottesst chick you dating currently
Over the years I've supplied OT with a plethora of women I've personally degraded in one way or another. In order to receive pictures of the hottest chick I *was* dating, please advise below:

Been MIA with this cause the past few months have been fucked up. Like, the past year. So much shit has gone down. So much shit that I decided to say screw it I'm leaving what I called home for my entire life for what I think is a fresh slate. I go from bordering Canada to bordering Mexico. The shit that happened to me was so bad that people think I'm literally "running away". I like to look at it as "running towards"
Explain this in vivid detail, and you will receive pictures of said bombshell.
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