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Thanksgiving meet Wednesday 11/22

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Here is the link to the thankgiving meet in Freehold, NJ at 6:30PM
Supposively there's suppose to over 100 coming right now so I think it be nice to get a nice showing a celicas there.
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sounds tempting and all but i dont feel like doing that drive again if im without my celica. That and the gas would be crazy on either my moms gx470 or my sisters 4runner........ uness i could take the 68 mustang......, scratch that im not insured on it till the summertime, lol.

over 100 cars, what types?
hmmm i may have to take a spin up to nj again but in the 68' mustang. Might have to bring the dad along though cause im not insured on it yet.
ummm on second thoughts, 4 hour drive each way, and one of the highest traffic times of the year, lol.......
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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