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The Balkanization of the US... "Blacks Clashing With Hispanics - While Whites Sleep"

I found this weird, troubling and interesting at the same time. The Balkanization of America will have more of this sh1t in store for both Blacks and Whites - not to mention Hispanics who really want no part in this type of confrontation. Wake Up, America!!

Blacks Clashing With Hispanics - While Whites Sleep
By Sam Francis

One of the underestimated benefits of mass immigration, the Open Borders Lobby likes to tell us, is that it imparts a fascinating diversity to an otherwise drab, boring, and tedious white Anglo-Saxon civilization.

You probably could not have fooled William Shakespeare with that argument, but it seems to work well enough on many Republicans.

In any case, aside from the patronizing racism the argument conveys, it doesn't seem to be true. Almost every major conflict in the world today, from the Middle East to the Caribbean, seems to center around ethnic, racial or religious differences.

Thanks to mass immigration into this country, we may soon enjoy the same kind of conflict here.

A series in the Washington Times last week about the impact of America's newest
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