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The Ddragon Project...(56k no way)

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What's up everybody? Thought I should show everyone what's been going on lately. I've come a long way from when I first started doing stuff to the car so I'll show you some progression pics from before:

A lot of stuff to read (just a forewarning...):blah:

When I first got it (day one...literally):

Then did a few things within 6 months or so:
(S2K antenna, painted GT-S rims, tint, installed a much better sound system lol...and it's not going anywhere this time.)

Yes, these are my only LEDs lightings and I rarely have them on because they tend to get distracting while driving. I also added Lexus Yellow lenses to the fogs with Nokya 2500K bulbs. Tinted the tails as well as removed the emblems on the trunk.

Then upgraded the lows to 8K HIDs:

Did some rewiring of stuff (everything is still completely reverseable too) as well as a few other things:

Upgraded the fogs to 3K Hids from vvme this past weekend (Thanks Bluedragon02 for helping me):

Warming up (sorry for the blurry pic, had to run to get a pic while they were green lol). Only problem is the passengerside HID warms up quicker than the driverside :confused:(Please help me if you know how to balance them:D):

And here's one of my future additions. It's only the front bumper though. I'm going a different route.;) Did a test fit tonight to see what it would look like:

I have a few other things I have to put on that I have in the basement and yes it's getting lowered lol...

Thanks for viewing everyone and I'll be updating this thread.:cool: Please feel free to leave comments and thanks!
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loving the trial,
Me too man! Only thing is I want to go about my set-up a different way (well not too different lol...) I'll post up pics later on during the week of what else I have.
cant wait to see the rear and sides, what drop are you going to use?
is your hatch handle cf or black? lol i also got a frame from him.

^on this forum there seems to be alot of hating on the GT's and auto GT-S's
^ lol x2
update pics?
^ theres a write up for the nipples somewhere. you clip it and plug it up i think.

whats the plan for the car Ddragon?
^ i always wanted kam sides with trial!
you and me have good taste :chuckles:
Nice!, wish i can afford that front....
awesome, i would like to see your headlights painted silver and the seat :headbang:
damn teasers!!!!
1 - 11 of 178 Posts
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