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The dreaded P0441 code

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This is my first post on this forum. I'm posting because I read previous posts here and believe that the experts here know the most about this problem.

The code is being set on my grandsons 2001 Celica GTS. Also, whenever he gets gas the engine either will not start without depressing the accelerator pedal, or will start but runs rough, or starts okay but shuts off soon thereafter. All of these symptoms go away after a few minutes.

I've done various tests by referring to my Celica manual, and the official Celica wiring diagram manual. I won't go into details about the tests now though because I found one problem that could be the one causing the code.

On his car the blue headed connector is connected to the VSV for EVAP. From reading prior posts here, and referring to the Celica wiring diagram, this is wrong. The black connector should be connected to the VSV for EVAP. But, when I disconnected the blue, and connected the black, the ABS light started flashing. I don't know what this means. So, before I permanently switch the connectors, I'm trying to find out if someone else has had this occur, and what they did.
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I think it's fixed. Did more internet research last night and learned that a flashing ABS light means that the ABS system isn't working, but the brakes still work. So, I decided to go ahead and switch the wire connectors, removing the blue and connecting the black to the VSV(EVAP) solenoid. Cranked the car, and there were no warning lights! Drove around the block and still no warning lights. So, maybe this is resolved. Won't know for sure though until the next refueling.

Update, 1/7/14: It's fixed. No problem during refueling now. Done deal!
Had forgot about this post; but, just for the record, my grandson's GTS still works like it should. As for how the wires got switched in the first place, I think I inadvertently switched them when doing some other work on the car. Subsequently I attached a tag to mark the blue cap as "Unused" to avoid this mistake in the future.
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