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Helloo everyone it is I, blazinbeat with the double zzs here with some good news.

Today we add another page to the hall of fame of celica meets with the creation of this thread. This is the epic food thread to the legendary event, The Celica meet at Mason park.

This is a potluck, so contribute by bringing something that will make our taste buds tingle in delectable pleasure.

As always freeloading is a big no no, we have members of the forum on the look out for freeloaders. So if you come to expect a free meal, just be aware that you are being watched.

lets start with the essentials, if you dont know what to bring here are some suggestions. It would also be ideal to have items of this list to be taken care of first.

The essentials:
-Bottled Water(4 cases): |||
-Napkins: |
-Plates: |
-Knives, forks, & spoons: |
-Ketchup, mustard, mayo:
-Hamburger patties & buns:
-Hot dogs & buns: |
-Chips: ||
-Trash bags:
-Canned sodas: |
-Bottled soda: |
-Cups: |
-Ice: |
-Cooking utensils:|
-Ice chest: |
-Charcoal/lighter fluid/matches: |
-Serving trays:

Its also important to pick up after yourselves and respect the park by not littering. Also put your trash/cans/bottles in the correct trash bags/bin if possible.The city has allowed us to use this park for a number a years for this gathers, so lets keep it clean so that we may come back in the years to come.

The List of Champions
Blazinbeatzz- a case of water and charcoal
Ervino- Case of water, plates, knifes/forks/spoons, chips, and his fine ass
guslucatero- Canned and bottled sodas and is on the watch list.
Krazieboy- Meat from some exotic animal
310celicagt2003- water, spaghetti, cooking utensils, ice and ice chest
x310gtsx- hot dogs and hot dog buns
boothten- chips and liquid containment devices
kungwei- Jalapeno poppers with BACON!
Kore971- trash bags and bottled soda
Ghost Dragon- Hamburger buns and cookies that make Ms.Fields jelly
lilmexicanoboi- chips drizzled in cheesy saawwwccewerwercccccccceee!
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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