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hey just want to thank all those that came to the meet. to those that got in the boat...i found the rear turner was stuk in the grass...Kit and Lauren your parts are safe in my garage...TCC storage.

Had a great time at Malibu...i had the 56.8...the best time around the track...ha ha, Sam you did good too...not!

Ok, really...i what to thank all the peeps who showed up. to those that didn't make it...maybe next time...


if anyone has pic post em...Lauren that means you....

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Yeah, thanks all. Sorry I came late and left early. I had a friend havin a crisis and wanted me to chill with him. Sorry about all that. Thanks kareem for hostin it. See ya this Sat.

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the meet

thanks kareem for hosting ... yet another MTV crib
no wonder all our car looks so good :p
to everyone .... i had alot of fun prolly the best meet yet :D
see you guys soon
and Sam i need to talk to you about windshield thingy
call me ... ;) 2819356202

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yea thas right
it was tight
the whole night
with no fights
and type-s
juss caint mess
with GT-S
so dont stress
cuz u know
its da best
in the town
yea u can frown
cuz we
own the crown
u can bitch
whine and moan
but chu always
had known
that we
hand ur ass
and we always
fly past
and the GT
youll see me
and benny
and le-ee
with josie
and dawny
sayin peace
but you never
know why
we say bye
as we
zoom right by
its just u
an si
we juss all
are playuhs
and u just
a honda
so go cry
to yo moms
wonder why
we the bombs
wonder why
u so slow
wonder why
yous a hoe
wonder why
we laughin
to your face
we laughin
at yo car
even so far
ahead of you
and your pooh pooh
so this is my back
and its where your at
it all started when
u and your friend
pulled up next to me
and tried flexin at me
then u had to revv
so i looked straight ahead
and waited for green
while you made such a scene
laughing the whole time
u were gonna be mine
ur rims looked real nice
but the rest was just rice
so i decided
i would just be a friend
and teach u a lessin
u kept hatin on me
heres the next thing we see
i revv it to 5
u sound like a beehive
the light switches color
oh here we go brother
ur wheels are bouncin
spectators are clownin
my wheels start to screech
and i slowly now reach
that deadly 6 thou
its comin close now
it came quick it came swift
awww shiet I HIT LIFT
left u in the dust
with that pile of rust
slam into my second
well shiet wait a second
i can take my time
cuz ur way behind
i feel sorry for you
but i thought that you knew
excuses u pick
face it, ur a civic
replace that with a stang
dont matter, iss all the same
so i just whooped your ass
now i know just to pass
next time i see you
dont mean to be rude
but you started ****
so i had to end it
while you start to shout
all i can say is im out

yea yea playa playa. man was i bored to write that shiet. now i feel like writing better serious ones about racin..damn i think i'm half black er sumthing. you guys will never keep the beat on that rap..its all in my umm lata playa er sumthin

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The meet was DOPE kareem..good job on hosting a great meet. I wish more people were there such as the "out of towners." What happened to the Austin peeps and the dude from San Antonio? Well we missed you guys that didn't show up. WAY TO GO KAREEM! Maybe next time the boat will be clean...heh:cool:

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sorry everyone that I didn't make it..... I was planning to meet everyone up at night, but I got sick as hell :sad I even left work early, so I can go home and rest before the meet, but I took a bunch of night quil and I didn't wake up till the next morning, so everyone I really wanted to go, and josiah I still have the money, if you guys meet up this sat. I will bring you the money......sorry again it sounds like everyone had a blast.....wish I was there....later


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i wish i was able to make it.
i got a flat tire on sat. morning when i was in austin and it took them forever to find a tire to mach my wheel.
i'll try to make it next time.
are you guys having any meet soon?

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hey thanks guys...i really had a great time we can do an MTV cribs special...well if ya'll want to meet on December at the house it is ok, orif we are takina a road trip....just let Me know.


and how you get the figure under the name???

Brian, great rymin i was feelin' it...laughing my ass off but lovin' it...
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