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The Seventh Letter
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Alright guys these meet will be coming right around the corner and we gotta decide what were going to bring to grub.


-Please clean up after yourself. No littering.
-Respect others. (Including Chefs)
-No Alcohol Beverages

Have fun, catch up with people and meet the new Noobies :wiggle:


This is a list below are essentials that will be definitely needed. Please post specifically what your gonna bring and amount so I can update the list.
If you have something else that you would like to bring, please do so and post what your gonna bring.

Bottled Water Cases-2
Napkins- Covered
Knives, forks, & spoons - Covered
Ketchup, mustard, mayo-Covered
Hamburger patties & buns - Covered
Hot dogs & buns - Covered
Chips and Dip- Covered
Trash bags
Canned sodas-Covered
Ice-2 packs
Fruit/veggies- Covered
Ice chest - 1
Charcoal- covered
Marinated Chicken - Covered
Eggrolls- covered


R I C H I E- XL Cooler, 2 packs of Ice
lOST JOKKUR- 3 Dozen of KK Donuts and his Volks 1/2 off!! :eek:
BlazinBeatzz- 2 Water Cases and Free Detailing tips ;)
_TheeMark- Plates, Eating and Nikes for sale
krazieboy- Marinated Chicken and Cigarettes
guslucater- Chips,dip, drinks and his not 3p0-Certified Celi
Evasive- Sodas
ateens4-Eggrolls and his Lady Gaga outfit
epicwolf- Atomic Wings and his Tron biker outfit
310celicagt2003- Ice,chips, hot dogs and burgers.
lilmexicanoboi- Macho Nachos and 110SPF
Ervino- Grill,coal and lighter fluid and Mila Kunis
Kent0429- Burger and patties
909soCAl-Chips and his front lip scooping up trash :thumbup:
Scooby- Fruit
Yazy-Carne Asada


The Seventh Letter
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Hope they don't get all soggy and sticky with the heat lol

How many were you gonna bring?

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I'm not sure if I'm even going yet, but I can do the usual and drop them off at the gg caravan.

I'm sure they'll be fine in the car. Put me down for 3 boxes
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