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The Official NorCal Off-Topic Thread! - WW!

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Like this title says, this is a thread where you can pretty much talk about anything. Only rule is, NO BASHING one another. Just thought this might help make the norcal forum a little bit more lively.

Post Away buddies!!!!!!!!!!!

:naughty: :burnout: :wiggle: :AF:
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and why is the name thomas joey??? u tryin to say somethin?
lol i play cs. me and my dad have our own server. haha.
me so00o0o bored! so i figured i would post up my new cool little mini mod.... well not realy a mod, but im proud of myself!!! u know a while back i installed my ignited push button starter in the place of my cig lighter, and ever since then ive been kinda bumbed because i have my ipod hooked up to my stereo and i used my cig lighter to keep it charged. so now i could only listen to it for a day or so then i would have to drag it inside and re-charge it.

so i got the bright idea to relocate my cig lighter so i can charge it and keep my starter. so i hooked it up inside the little compartment that flips up above where our stereo's are. its pretty sweet because now i have my ipod all stashed away and i can keep it charged!

nothing too crazy cool, but im proud because i did it myself and it looks clean! :wiggle:

its dark but i took a pic.

and yes i do want a cookie alex. dont be jelouse because i have a godlike mod and u dont :king:

hahaha, or not.
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and yes i did spell "jealous" just realized that.
thank you! but be careful when u do it because the frame runs right behind that so u have to drill your hole at the right angle.
i have to go to work in 15min. BOOOOOO!!!! only fun part of going is driving there and back.
lol, I pop in every once in a while to see whats new and exciting.

anyone seen my old ride around? i here the chick i sold it to TRASHED it.
Is it just me or does looking at this image make you dizzy?

and yes very much so
I told her about it and she was all into it but i guess never followed up on it. As far as i know now my front clip is hanging off, curbed the brand new deep dish's i put on it. stickered it all up. :mad:
i still have a toyota! it just happens to be a tacoma... lol
1 - 17 of 13714 Posts
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