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The Official NorCal Off-Topic Thread! - WW!

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Like this title says, this is a thread where you can pretty much talk about anything. Only rule is, NO BASHING one another. Just thought this might help make the norcal forum a little bit more lively.

Post Away buddies!!!!!!!!!!!

:naughty: :burnout: :wiggle: :AF:
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:ugh::tumble::sadpace::faint::hide::wtf:WOW THIS PLACE IS JUST AS LONELY, QUIET AND SAD AS A DESERT GHOST TOWN:ugh::tumble::sadpace::faint::hide::wtf:
hahah...sorry bout that joey:laugh::faint: i always do that:laugh: yeah its hot in my room kuz of my Electronics but thats bout it:laugh::faint:
Dang my wife would be happy to be back in NorCal...she used to live in San Jose:shrugs: here it was like 98 but thats kuz we next to the ocean literally:laugh:Joey what kind of Camera u think of gettin a D40:D:laugh:
DC5 Integras:faint::laugh: kuz it takes 2 of them to hold down 1 celica:thumbup::chuckles:
no...the gunmetal rsx used to own a celica... is I<3MYCELICA on the forum
WHOS the NOOB?!:wtf: *looks around*:laugh: sup Nor Cal!?:wave:
sup norcal!:wave: if u guys are bored...join us in the SoCal OT thread:thumbup:
1 - 13 of 13714 Posts
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