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The Official NorCal Off-Topic Thread! - WW!

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Like this title says, this is a thread where you can pretty much talk about anything. Only rule is, NO BASHING one another. Just thought this might help make the norcal forum a little bit more lively.

Post Away buddies!!!!!!!!!!!

:naughty: :burnout: :wiggle: :AF:
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NOW imagine if that pictuer was the PEDOBEAR!! HAHAHAHA!!

omg... the reaction is priceless

lol wow on this one..

imaging if that was a cliff over a mountain...
Atleast she got a baptism with the marriage :)

haha just when you think its safe... :)
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:headbang: i think im gonna try to get 375 posts before TI. :headbang:
i might get 1000 ! :)
Morning nc :)
wtf i was never pwned! i pwned u :D
night north cal :):wiggle:
YAY!! I just posted my 1000th post :D!~ congradulations me!
Joey watch redline :D
sounds hella fun ! we were talking about that actually at the last meet!
north cal is soo dead these past couple days! whats up guys?
I know i havent seen u post much Joey lol
thats just the way it is sometimes. its not that dead. look at some of the other regionals that have like a ****ing continent as their region and are more dead than we are. at least a few people post in here everyday ya know.
yea i agree. Hopefully more ppl will start posting
good night ppl cya tomorrow!
im at "work" right now :D :chuckles: :chuckles:
going to a birthday party :) yay today will be cool
good morning !
**** idk im trying to stay indoors kinda , ac . and switching celicas . i havent had time to put a compressor in the red one yet...

p.s. 1100 posts :)
wow i would love that car..
OMG i Found my GARAGE DOOR OPENER REMOTE!!!!! You would never guess where it was... This ****er has been missing for months !!! Today i was curious to see how short the momo short shifter i have really is... and the Garage door opener remote was inside the shifting gates!! like under the leather boot all the way at the bottom.

Im exited now i dont have to get out of my car every ****in day and opening and closing the door!
1 - 20 of 13714 Posts
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