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The Official NorCal Off-Topic Thread! - WW!

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Like this title says, this is a thread where you can pretty much talk about anything. Only rule is, NO BASHING one another. Just thought this might help make the norcal forum a little bit more lively.

Post Away buddies!!!!!!!!!!!

:naughty: :burnout: :wiggle: :AF:
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ill contribute with pat..

it's not all that great but here you go, for jessica a. fans...

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whoah..i dont know how to shrink
wazaaaaaaaa celica dudes... just want to thank andrew aka pfcnguyen for the LED installs and my new rice mod, which im yes the rice in me is coming out. okay well maybe not too much.
what color did you paint your intake??
oONoGoAutoOo said:
lol it looks really good. i used flat black, and it didnt come out like that. maybe i should repaint mines. but anyways, is that the replica ebay intake?
i think if you use flat black, it will look like mine. no bling :( but less hassle from the cops. AY hoan, because of you and mo i decided to go 18's on my volks :headbang: hopefully i get them in 2 weeks.

Bernie, where the hell are you man? you still want your springs?? its just sitting in my room collecting dust. hit me up dude or they might go up on sale for

arvin, when you have time, i got your payment installations. PM or call me bro.
GLOCK23 said:
hey lets all go fishing or crabbing in SF sometime guys. Anyone have the equipment?

EDIT: And by crabbing I dont mean Crazy Horse lol!

Or lets all meet up and play pool, or go bowling, or go to a driving range, or a batting cage, SOMETHING!!!
crabbing will be a late night event. im down for that. im down to do whatever with you guys. as long as i know ahead of gotta let the lady know :whip:
i couldnt hang out with you guys last night jeff. i was with the lady and had plans. i hope bernie goes through with his plan.
StEaLtHbLkZeRo said:
Dc header is pointless, just get your stock one ported
she has a 05 rsx-s . she thinks i crap money

ill get you the rsr springs you biter.
StEaLtHbLkZeRo said:
yea..rsx will kill us on the freeway.....=( i was racing one and i topped out..stupid electronic fuel cut n limiter....
i beg to differ bro. ive had my shares with rsx-s only 1 had killed me due to hondata i/h/tp/e. i kill celica23chick car all the time. until she starts putting her mods on, well have to see.

celica23chick...ALWAYS kill me on the freeway??
:rofl: i'll let you slide this time. since you have a camera, we can tape our freeway runs. :evil:
supra2nr said:
wah wah... you're bored. im not... i had a very pleasant afternoon! hehehe..
did someone... doink doink doink :naughty:
celica23chick said:
and what does his POS **** have to be burning oil like that??
celica23chick said:
shun up. :eslap: shun up before you get the money shot!!
Carbonized_GT said:
tsk tsk..time to clean that cup holder of yours
celica23chick said:
i smoked a 01 blue spec gts debadged with gold volk rims on 880 the other day...if your on here just wanted to give you thumbs up for trying lol :thumbup:

yeah, then you woke up!! although you do might have a chance now with my 18's. well have to find out when i get the car back. BTW once you get your I/E and you do beat me, im going to sell my car.
mo, i did the same thing man. i found it but it was all smashed up..ggrrrr i had to replace with a different trd gas cap.
Carbonized_GT said:
im swapping front bumpers today!!!
eh?? why?
supra2nr said:
haha yves, whatchu been up to bro?! long time no see!
other than being celi less..just working my butt here's my car being prepped. how ever i am enjoying my v8 dodge ram pickup!! me likey.

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BaLLnFoShO said:
very nice TRlPPlN.. what color you going to paint the celi? make sure the dont get over spray on them nice ass volks.
im not really going to be painting it a different color. just 2 tone deal. black on top and spec blue. the cf fenders will be painted just till the body line hits the pillar. the wheels are going to be covered once they start spraying. im not worried because i know the guy who runs the shop. '

hopefully itll turn out nice and clean. i was hoping it was going to be done soon but the 2 tone deal is going to make it a little longer. i guess jeff's is going to get his first.

hoan, if you get to read this, did you ever get that janvil stuff for your sunroof?? mines is almost done peeling all the way.
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