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The Official NorCal Off-Topic Thread! - WW!

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Like this title says, this is a thread where you can pretty much talk about anything. Only rule is, NO BASHING one another. Just thought this might help make the norcal forum a little bit more lively.

Post Away buddies!!!!!!!!!!!

:naughty: :burnout: :wiggle: :AF:
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^ I didn't know you had a sub setup also. You should demo it next time for me.
^ :thumbup:-Fosho! Will do!
It's a shallow sub cause I didn't want something too heavy, too big and have too much Bass. :D
I am thinking about having a 2nd setup with one sub in a lighter box. I don't need trunk space as much as I want my 4 mpg that I am losing with my current bulky heavy ported box. Drove 730 miles last week and didn't even turn up my music = wasted mileage.
Ugh I'm jelly of you guys...haha I got a new headunit and front and rear speakers and had Dennis install them for me. The headunit is sick and the mids and highs are really clear but I'm seriously lacking in bass and since like 90% of what I listen to is EDM I definitely need to upgrade.

No amp right now so I'll probably get that first, then maybe a small sub. Like Joey, I don't want something too heavy or big.
^ HAhaha...Niiice.
All that Bass reminds me of this vid...:gap:
I got my sub (12" Sony Xplod) from a buddy for $50...already in a box, so I can't realy complain. But I wish I could get a shallow sub bcuz I like having trunk space for Now that I got the new headunit I really want to get new speakers all around.....but...any $$ spent on stereo is $$ not saved for more TRD stuff...aka Action Package :gap:
^^ not a bad deal. Im gonna make custom fiberglass install for my subs soon
^lol yeah. Sub cost $50, got a 350W Kenwood amp brand new off Ebay for like 40 and then later found out the original owner of the car before my uncle had it (I'm the third owner) had the car wired for subs already. just had to plug n play. My uncle didnt even know that the wiring was already there, and he was especially surprised because the original owner had the car for less than a year.
That's an awesome deal you guys are getting. There's definitely some money dumped into my audio set up.

Most expensive is my Headunit...
And I would say my Alpine SPX-17Pro front component system is next....
Then my 4-channel JL Audio Amplifier...

Those 3 alone is like... a $1000 already :AF:
^ Yeah, I was looking at all the receipts I bought at Tony's Stereo shop and daaaammn...I spent HELLA money.
But then again, I'm also glad to know Tony helped me save some money.
I would have spent more if I went to another Stereo shop that would try and rip me off. #Grateful :wiggle:
You spend HELLA money on your Celica .

Yes, that's a big ass capital period. Hahah
^ HAhaha...yup. True dat! :gap:
just noticed your OT is pretty slow.i shall come in here and whore it up more often
^ dnt bother ...

lol lets take over this place jonz!


joey seems coo tho
The NorCal section of has migrated more to Facebook. We primarily post on there now because of the rules and regulations here I suppose...

But we do post on here every now and then. Just not as much as we use to.

This is bad for all the noobs checking this site out though.
If we have a meet in late September my car might be ready to come out and play with the big boys. Vegas is a no-go for me most likely because I'm committing social suicide when school starts and its hard for me to take more than a few days off of work at once. Plus I'm not 21 yet lol.

I like how you're trying to get the Vegas thing going though, nice change of pace, you guys all get to get out of the bay for a bit and just hang out and stuff. I say if anything just have a small meet i.e. Hellyer at the end of September and then save for whatever else.
'rules and regualtions'

on here?

hA! :laugh:

rules and regulations can kiss my ass.
13641 - 13660 of 13714 Posts
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