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the super duper top of the line secret shoot

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Cabrillo this past weekend. Ervino and myself had some time left before heading to the meet so we decided to do a little exploring around the area. I hope you guys enjoy and any type of criticism is welcomed :)

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Looking very nice u should hVe kept the spiked the car looks way better with it
spiked? :confused:
nice spot !!! processing made those rims pop !
yuup! the wonders of fill light
they are in storage, still deciding which set i want for dailys and track.
:thumbup: on taking a chance with that color for your rims. It works.
thanks :)

very particular in this configuration! ... I also liked the white though. ;)

Nice pics!
yea im still not use to his scheme yet lol. White on red is still my favorite combination.

those are some good lookin celicas
thank you marc

Cool shots! Love the Tsunami stuff :)
1 - 8 of 40 Posts
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