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throttle response :(

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well i posted this up in the repair & maintenance forum, but i wanna see if my NE buds can help me out too! here is my problem:

i used to have the eBay AEM CAI (OBX) and i never changed or checked the filter cuz i hate taking off the bumper to get at it. so recently when i am at a dead stop and i go to "blip" the throttle before i take off, the engine hesitates for a quick sec and then revs itself up to where i want it too. but its not the throttle response i want. i want it so when i touch the gas, the revs go, without the hesitation!

so i figured this issue was due to the filter being clogged from the rough winter I had here in Mass. plus i put about 20K+ miles on it. so i bought an Injen CAI, put it in, and took it out for a drive when i was done. the same problem was there when i "blipped" from a dead stop but also a few spots through the revs in almost all the gears, the car seemed a little hesitant. (it wasnt full on strong through the gears) i never had this problem with the OBX CAI.

so i am wondering if anyone has had this problem or something similar. i am wondering if its maybe the fuel filter being clogged, or the plugs maybe being fouled... any help???? THANKS!!!
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matt...try lookin at your plugs. perhaps just tighten your throttle cable, ummm...oh yah...STOP DRIVING IT SO HARD NUMBNUTS...BAAHAHAHAHA
thats happened a few times with my RMM intake I think mine was weather related though
well i think i found out my problem...... :( after reading up on MANY threads on a similar issue like mine with a bunch of other people, i think i might've broken the intake/exhaust bolts under the valve cover :( and yes randy i do drive way too hard and this could be a result of it..... on my way up to my GF's college tonite, i noticed that my lift was gone (it still sounded like it engaged minus the power) and the CEL came on...

so im gonna take it easy for the weekend and go to autozone tomorrow and see what the CEL is all about and then see if i see if i can get the bolts inspected by the dealership ASAP!!!! i'll let y'all know what happens....

here is the best post on the issue:
prolly the cable... stop driving that peice of **** toyota hard ****muncher..
i honestly really doubt its the cable. because this problem keeps getting worse and worse....... so im guessin its the bolts, but im hoping that it isnt. damn this sux!!! i just want my baby to work right for this summer when its all done up :(
well i went to autozone today to have the CEL decoded and it was a P0172 (running to rich). So i had the code cleared and we'll see what happens now. I checked the MAF sensor on the Injen and its screwed down tight, but isnt seated all the way... any one else have this issue??? but next week im gonna check the bolts under the valve cover out and hopefully they arent broken....

i'll keep ya posted!
if the Maf isint set straight try to set it straight or get some sealant that yu can spread around the maf edge's an old member here had that problem and that solved his problem
so last weekend i took off my MAF and looked in the screw holes on the intake and found that they werent drilled completely out and there was still some metal shavings in there. thats what caused the screws not to screw in fully. so i reamed the holes out and installed the MAF firmly.... since then my car was running better and better..

then i took a trip to AutoZone after work today and spent the best $5 EVER....... i fixed my whole problem!!!! i bought a can of brake cleaner, inspected my MAF and one side of the sensor was all black!!! so i sprayed that $hit down with the brake cleaner, dried it out, tossed it back in the intake, and went for a rip. my idle problem has been solved, there is no more hesitation through the RPM's, and lift kicks in like a dream :)!!! I am SOO happy now and so releaved that it wasnt what i thought it was!!! but im still gonna replace the shaft stay bolts as a precaution once the weather is nice!!!!

Just wanted to fill y'all in :)
Brake cleaner on MAF???

Try Windex. Brake Cleaner is too strong all will take off the coating.
ehhhh too late now. but thats what someone posted up in the R&M forum. and they were told by a lead toyota tech. but its all good now... if it happens again, i will use the windex. if my MAF $hits the bed, i will just go buy another one.

but BTW nyoneway, thanks for that EXCELLENT GB on the manuals :) cant wait to get mine!! i made my friends with Eclipses and RSX's wicked jealous for getting them so cheap! haaahaaa
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