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Throwing a 1zz into a GTS

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I have a 1zze engine and ecu in my garage from a MR2. There is a GTS locally with a blown engine that I can get pretty cheap. I already have a 2zz GTS, but I would like a second car and with having a 1zz on stand by I'd like to pull the bad 2zz and put in the 1zz.

I've been trying for a few days to find something, but anything I find is very very vague.

Does anyone know what exactly I need parts wise and wiring? Car is manual and so is my 1zz and ecu.

Thank you in advance.
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I'd imagine 1ZZ would work with 2ZZ harness, but some areas would just be left unused. Basing this off MWR using 1ZZ harness for 2ZZ Swap with small additions through splicing.

ECU is clearly different.

The stock airbox is exactly the same as far as I'm concerned, but the intake hose is different between the two engines.

C56/C60 are interchangeable between the two motors.
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