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Leak down test requires that the cam and crank be turned together to put the cylinder being test at top dead center with valves closed. That can't be done with a snapped chain without a lot of screwing around.
Three ways forward.
Replace engine.
Pull engine and tear off the timing cover and oil pan to inspect for other damage, replace what you can see is bad, time the engine, then do leak down test.
All the above but pull the head off and have a machine shop check/repair it.

If you opt for replacement engine BE VERY CAREFUL. THE CYLINDERS CANNOT BE HONED IN A TRADITIONAL MANNER. IF THEY HAVE BEEN THEN IT WILL BURN ASTOUNDING AMOUNTS OF OIL AND NEVER RUN CORRECTLY. The cylinders are special material and the factory finish cannot be repaired by honing like a traditional metal cylinder. You're probably better off getting a used engine with lower miles and just replacing the timing set and oil pump preventively before installing.

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