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Tire Size

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sup guys i'm runnin at TRD Springs and i'm gettin 5ZR FN01R 17's what a good size tires should i run so i dont rub ?
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check out 215 40 17...
Which tire size is as close to stock diameter using a 17in rim?
Go with 215-45-17. That's what I have and they fit great with the TRD springs (I also have those). The 215-40-17 are good too and are very close to stock maybe a tad shorter. When I got my tires I got a set of each and had each tire mounted up and put them on my car to see which I liked. The 215-45 is deffinately the way to go in my opinion. They also fill the wheel gap a little better. Very nice!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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