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proper inflation is the most important factor for tire life.
This link goes into detail of tire pressures and how it affects tire wear and gas mileage.
a properly inflated tire will maintain fuel efficiency and promote even tire wear.

Examples of wear:

Part b
not only is pressure essential to gas mileage but where you fill your tires up is super important. Places like fill stations often don't drain the condensated moisture from their compressor tanks and all that ends up in your tires. As the pump sucks in air it pulls all the moisture with it. The moisture will condense because you cannot compress a liquid and settles at the bottom of the tank. Then when you put in your quarter and fill your tires that water escapes the tank and goes into your tires.

Moisture in tires can cause blow outs, rusting of the rim, and even erode the rubber of the tire. Not only that you can have uneven wear of your tire because the psi will have a high deviance and the tire will inflate/deflate as you drive more or less. Best solution dont use fill stations air on your car.

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