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To the Celicas at Rockvill last night

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I never dissed anyones car. My friend has bet many civics with swaps in his celica and I never said civics were better. You guys need to chill. :wtf:
And and since so many people were next to the Celica riiiight:confused: i guess no one was looking at the R32 skyline that was parked at the other end right;)
Please people dont hate Regulate aiiiiite
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Aight look, the only reason I put smart a*s remarks is because I was blasted on first...If you don't like whats done to the car, just say it's not your taste, I respect everyones opinion. But, if someone says hahaha, all that money on some stupid lambo doors, then I'm gonna take offense. I like em, I'll be getting points in shows and I'll be getting sponsorships. That's what I'm worried about. I just want to know why all the hate? No one came up to me and said the doors were whack. No one said they hated my car. All I saw and heard from probably hundreds of people was "damn, that hot" "damn, that's tight" I don't know how many times I gave out my shops # to people. I don't spend what you think I do on my car. Most of my "Big" stuff is sponsored by my shop. When I show up in 3 weeks w/ my custom paint job and kit are you going to say "Stupid paint job and kit, wasted money" I certainly hope not
Sorry for the ramble
so is rockville "the spot" for the summer?
PhatCellyGT said:
Sorry for the ramble
Pretty good ramble actually. I agree.

Are we done argueing yet? ;) :D
(mental note, don't go to rockville)

GT-Schick said:
** !!GROUP HUG!! **


Fine with me GROUP HUG
We can close this thread
But why cant I owned Page 2
Hello How many times can we post on a page????????????

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