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"Tonight we will carry out something that is not traditional against them," Sahaf told reporters during his daily press briefing. "We will do something to them that will be a great example to those mercenaries. I'm not revealing a secret, because working in the dark is useful with these mercenaries."


When asked directly by reporters if Iraq would use weapons of mass destruction, Sahaf replied, "No, not at all, but we will conduct a type of martyrdom operations."
Sahaf said reports that U.S.-led coalition forces had secured the airport were not true, and compared those reports to the movie "Wag the Dog," in which Hollywood filmmakers faked battle scenes in a studio that were then shown as television news reports.

"Most of you saw the American move, 'Wag the Dog.' ... [M]ost of what they did yesterday and today at dawn has some scenes that resemble that movie."

"We will chase them and go after them as war criminals," he said, adding that the "United States will no longer be a super power and its demise will be very quick" after the invasion of Iraq fails.
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