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You're on a road trip with your buddy. You take a rest stop at a Quik-E-Mart to get yourself a nice refreshing Squishie.

You come back to your car only to find out your buddy was beating it and had squirted all over your dash!

Out of rage, you introduce your buddy to your little friend and gave him a few extra piercings. Blam blam!

You're now going to be on the next episode of CSI if you don't do something about it!

Problem #1: Superglue on the dash

Solution: There is a top secret product on the market called Goo Gone Extreme. Yes it will remove the glue/adhesive/sticky stains out quickly and easily, but that's not the only thing it will remove. It will also remove the color of your plastic dash!

Rather than using such a harmful product, I chose this one because the packaging reminded me of my happy childhood days :eek::

Safe on plastics? Sign me up!

Since this cleaner is very mild, hard to remove sticky stains will require soaking.

"The dash is contoured. How do you soak a non-flat surface with liquid?"

Good question, you smart ass son of a gun! Simply grab a paper napkin, unfold it so it's just a single layer, lay it over the area that you want to clean, and saturate the napkin with the cleaner!

If you got the runs, hold your butt and run to the restroom! But if you sprayed too much cleaner and it's running down the dash, quickly wipe the excess liquid before it gets trapped in cracks.

I let this napkin sit on top of the superglue stains for 10 minutes before removing the napkin and rubbing it vigorously with another napkin. It was able to remove the superglue no problems and left no discoloration.

Problem #2: Assplaaded soda stains on the headliner and visors

Solution: Grab your all purpose cleaner and your trusty soft bristled brush and get to work!

It really is just that easy!

Important note: If you use too rough of a brush, you'll cause unsightly clumps in your interior's cloth material.

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Your friend would never disrespect your car?

Fair enough. Then how about this?

Have you ever drove around town with your windows rolled down and a motherfucking BIG BIRD flew in and said

I'mma drop a dookie in your cupholder. CAW CAW!

Well you're in luck! Cuz I'm about to show you something you have never seen before!

That's right! It's a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and a toilet cleaning brush!

With this combo and a little bit of agitation from the brush, you can get out even the toughest stains.

Like this greasy arm stain from you resting your arm on the top of the door like a cholo!

Oh yeah love that light purple interior <3

You can also clean your carpet the same way!

You'll never again have to waste time swinging your carpet against your nice white stucco wall!

Once you go black you ain't going back!

If you have nice black leather seats like this gentleman, you can rejuvenate the leather with these 2 products:

Clean first then condition and your seats will look like new once again!

Even if your interior's not that dirty, consider cleaning it anyways. Who knows, you might find that CD you've always loved hidden somewhere in your car.

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That goof off stuff is what I used to remove the orange paint from the backs off my gauge needles... Amazing stuff. Only took about 2 minutes and a Q-tip.

Good write-up though. :chuckles:

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Hilarious jokes inbetween the guide. I love it. A soft cloth and some all purpose cleaner can also be used to remove soda off the roof liner.

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I am still confused how it got so dirty in the first place.

Also this is probably the thread of the day.

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Wow I'm a bit disgusted that peoples interior can get that dirty :ugh:

Good write up! And worked as my bedtime story of the night :)
the second car with the leather seat was mine. I can show you guys how to get your interior that dirty. It is very easy. btw, that was not bird poop. It was spilled coffee. Awesome naration though Kang.

And for you guys who think you are good at detailing, think again. blazinbeatz is the best detailing guy I've known in years. If you want the real detailing and the best work, he is the guy. Look at the two interiors. If he can make those interior look brand new, he can do anything. My interior has never been this sexy looking even when I bought it off the lot.

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Awesome guide and narration. Kevin you do great work!

I'm going to give back to the SoCal Community and talk to Larry about your site vendor status. I will pay for it myself.

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