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T.E.C.H. is a car club for owners of Toyota, Scion and Lexus brand cars who show enthusiasm in their vehicles' appearance and/or performance. Our goal is to unite Toyota Enthusiasts currently residing in the Hawaiian Islands.

Routine meets are hosted monthly every last Friday at 10:00pm in the parking lot between Walmart and Starbucks Pearl City. If changed, announcements will be made.

Cruises are hosted the 2nd Saturday of every month. Every cruise has different routes and Facebook events will be created explaining details.

If you are new, please show up, you are definitely welcome!

Notecards: The club uses business cards to advertise our existence. If you have been given a card, that means your vehicle appears to show some passion or enthusiasm invested into it. If you have been repeatedly given cards but do not wish to join the club, feel free to message one of us so we can put you on a list to prevent further carding.

Club Stickers: In order to earn the club decal, you must show up to a total of 4 major events. Major events are posted as Facebook Events and are normally cruises, meet ups or photoshoots. Showing up to the NEX and meeting with club members is considered half an event point. "
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