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Toyota UK

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Toyota Yaris ??? Did know there was such a car... Looks like a Matrix with the back end chopped off.

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I believe its called Vitz over there, My girlfriend drives one of these, very good equiped for such a small car.
yaris in europe, vitz in japan.

this category is very popular in japan and europe as they are very easy to park and very very economical.
drove one in coastas rica as a rental. It was nice and 2nd gear was huge. Never had to shift to third the entire time i was there.
yes, we got it here in canada, called the echo hatchback, and its pretty cheap, something like 9 000usd. and it rides good, that what i was suposed to buy when i went to the dealer but ended up trying a celica for a friend cuz he wanted to try it but didnt know how to drive stick... finally, i bought the celica and his credit got refuse... lol, thats was funny...
I have one was like 10K brand new I just use it to get to work and back I even fit the apexi exhaust (for my SI) including the 5' box in it. I get about 40mpg though
The Corolla is more like the Matrix.
Originally posted by Bobbeh
The Corolla is more like the Matrix.

so how many clowns can you it in that thing?
Its actually a very good car.. it doesnt come in that guise from the show room, but the Yaris is a very well rated car for its catagory.
you can fit 5 "ckowns" in a Yaris/Vitz

full model change unveiled today...
Originally posted by FloWin_Celica
you can fit 5 "ckowns" in a Yaris/Vitz
it was a joke... :wtf:
DopeCelicaGT said:
I like it. I wish they sold it in the U.S.!
im with you on that one... i'd get it as a cute commuter car. They sell it up in Canada though. I believe its under the name of "Echo Hatchback"
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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