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TPR intake/exhaust

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I have been out of the loop for a while. School is taking alot of my time, and I don't even own a Calica anymore. What has ever come of TPR, I have lost contact with Chris and seem to have lost $700 and have not received an intake or an exhaust. I was just wondering what was up wih this. Any information would be great!
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here is a thread called "where is easy C", a lot of members posted here so you can see whats going on with updates (but i dont know if there are any updates..) But it does have a ongoing list of who is owed what and how much money they paid in, so you might as well get your name on the list if you paid long ago

most of the intakes never shipped, and some of the exhausts did. I bought some sideskirts from barefoot4 in 2003, and he had a TPR exhaust back then so I know some of those went out to waiting customers.

thats really all i know, hope some of it helps ya
Celica_Noob i'll add you to the waiting list as well, what date did you send your funds also paypall - bank transfer - cheque ?
oh, I posted the wrong link, thanks seven for putting the newest one up.
I'll have to get the exact date for you, but it was a little over a year or so ago. Thats cool that there is a waiting list, but has anyone ventured into taking legal action. I don't want to turn this into a vent, but the time for waiting is over. I know it is past the "active" claim for pay pal but if enough people call and file a report against him theywill investigate.
I can't say alot cus iv'e been drinking heavily at the mo....(actually I could but have to restrain)..... but lets just say there are alot of customers who are very p1$$ed off with CHris and his inability to deliver. Hes either extremly stupid or a very cleaver scammer. Either way it sucks the way all of us have been treated and it seems conned out of our hard earned money same goes for that pr1ck vitek kozlowski from Kozz Tuning.
Who is this vitek kozlowski from Kozz Tuning. I just want to make sure I know all parties involved. Also a lot of "p1$$ed off" people, don't you think it might be time to do something instead of just sit by and wait. The more people that are willing to do something about it he more we are likely to be taken seriously. No more letting him control what is going on!
Vitek....oh I had about forgotten about him. He took up money for a large shipment of TRD and JDM parts and then never ordered anything and ran away with the money. He screwed a lot of people over.
Might be a good idea to have a name and shame thread of scammers post up their names and addresses for all to know and pictures if possible.
Chris is a peace of work man. It sucks ass that larry banned him over some stupid junk and left the rest of us sitting on our asses. I've talked to Chris multiple times over the phone and he just keeps promising to get sh1t done. Fvck him. He's lucky I dropped my phone in a lake 2 months ago and lost his number.
He was banned? So there is no way to talk to him here? Does anyone have any kind of contact information? Does anyone know of anyone who has been able to get their money back? I seem to remember someone who was able to get their money back by putting a claim against his account back when this all started to go down hill.
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