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2000 Celica GTS, 1998 4Runner, 2008 Infiniti FX35
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I have one of those bluetooth OBDII scanners that I use the Torque app with on my phone....

When I browse into the real time data section while the switch is open, throttle position shows 9.4% when at idle state and 77.6% at wide open throttle!

Is this normal or do I need to calibrate the TPS? I did remove it when cleaning my throttle body last time. :310:

I remember on my 2003 GTS, my SAFCII telling me 100% when at WOT and 1 or 2% at idle.... but as we all know 2003+ 2zz's have throttle by wire and I wasn't sure if its different then cable in this sense.

Thanks guys! :)

Electromagnetic Wave :-h
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Celica TPS is fixed position on cable. There is no calibration. I don't think there is on the DBW either.

I'll have to check the manual. But, I thought TPS value specs were the same on DBW as the cable.

Your readings are within reason.

Spec out of the '05 manual:
Absolute throttle position sensor/

Min.: 0%, Max.: 100%
 Throttle fully closed: 6 to16%
 Throttle fully open: 64 to 98%

Read value with the ignition switch
ON (Do not start engine).

I think it's usually seen at around 10 closed & 80 open.
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