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Trd Flywheel,trd Lsd,rps Stage 3 Clutch Installed

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WEll I finally have my car together and so far everything is good. The clutch engages very quick and gives a very good launch. Previously had a TRD clutch I would say I like this one alot more but it sucks in traffic. My acceleration feels alot quicker but it could be the combination of both flywheel and clutch. I don't have wheel spin on fast acceleration anymore. I used mt 90 for my gear oil and shifting is very smooth.
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did you install the LSD yourself? I'm getting one too and I'm looking at installing it myself.
well, I have a buddy who owns a shop, and he's experienced in installing LSD's. he's done it for the SRT'4s, Honda's, but he's kind of hesitant about the Celica. he says that they're a pain and might not even consider helping me out :(
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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