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trd price too good to be true?

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tell me what you guys think

Edit: also, i was wondering what comes with the exhaust besides the actual exhaust itself. instructions? thnx.

the reason why im asking is cause im going to buy it today from this guy that i dont know, and kinda wanna make sure he gives me everything that im supposed to get
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Those prices look right to me ... brand new TRD exhausts for the GT/GT-S will run you over 5 bills ...
do you think 650 shipped is too much?
Those prices are legit - all of them are more than dealer cost and less than retail, so they are just selling them with a discount.
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if u have more patience than most u can wait and ebay will have one from NC i got one from them base price 515
meh. i just got one from a different source, cheaper than that site :D
thats about right
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