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It won't work with my updated shift gate so.......i need to sell it so i can buy HID lighting=D. For you guys my fellow friends I'm selling it for $100 and whoever wants it, I'll just meet up with them when I head over there to drop off Don's gauge cluster, I think that'll be next weekend since a drive to Seattle will break in my engine..kinda sux that I won't have a S.S., but oh well thats what i deserve.........peace out guys!


2001 Liquid Silver GT-S(6)
Carbon Fiber Dash
Tinted windows
S2000 Antenna
Levoc Shift Knob matched with
TRD ShortShifter
TRD Extended Exhaust
TRD Rear Valence
TRD Side Skirts(on the way!)
TRD lowering Springs
Wings West Front Lip spoiler
AEM Cold Air Intake(Blue)
Panasonic CQ-df601U
2002 Toyota Grill
New Head, updated shift gate
Blue Ninja w/bouncing spring head on center console

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oh oh oh oh!!!!!!! Hey Jerry will it work on my Auto Eclipse????

(note: This was NOT to make fun of the guy from Cali asking if it'll fit his GT. I just like to poke fun at Jerry once in a while.


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