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TRD spring coil bind?

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I searched Google for sagging spring in newcelica forum but nothing popped up. So :

So i purchased these TRD front Springs 48131-ST001(@ 4.1kg spring rate) for my superstrut conversion. So i didnt see rust when i bought them until i received them. So now that i've learned about coil bind/sagging from sport springs. You wouldn't think it would happen to good quality TRD Springs. pics as follow. so basically what can i do? i've read from an Subaru Forum that you can definetly tell if the springs are bad unless you get the manufacture specs of the distance between each coil. I've read that EIBACH and TRD springs are one in the same, is this true?? the length of TRD spring measure in @ 24.5 cm and claim a 1 inch drop and Stock ST205 springs are 30.5cm @ 2.5kg spring rate.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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