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TRD steering wheel...tacoma?

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Was wondering if the TRD Steering wheel would fit my 06 Tacoma. Wanted to get it for the celica but it never panned out. I still like the damn thing and the tacoma wheel is HUGE!

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Check out and ask there. They would most likely know. I am on there as xxroderigoxx
Yeah I'm there also. Same screen name.
Okay there are a few posts on there...the word is that TRD Japan made different sizes to fit different toyota vehicles. Also the fact that I'mnotsure if the airbag would hook up. Maybe KARacing can chime in and confirm some of these questions. Or someone that had the wheel already??
From what I've seen the wheel will fit celica/supra/altezza(is300), I'm sure you could use a adapter hub of some sort though
It depends on certain cars. I got a 98 TRD Supra steering wheel on my Celica is was a pain in the ass to get the stock hub to work right. At first the click back for the signals lever wouldn't work but you have to work with it. I had to open up the stock hub and mess with the stock electrical ribbon that coils up when you turn. You need adjust it just enough to give it slack so you can make your turns left and right. If you don't do it properly you can't make full u-turns or you'll snap your ribbon and screw up the horn, airbag signal, or cause a short in your electrical. My biggest problem was the signals won't snap back and you have to manually click them back. Took me 3 tries to adjust the inside ribbon in the stock hub but it worked out fine after that I forget exactly how I managed to make it work but it's on and working fine.

I re-used the airbag and horn plug just pull out the pins off your stock harness and put them into the new steering wheel plug. You can no longer use your cruise control as well unless you convert with the 98 supra cruise switch and custom mod it which normally cost anything from $90.00-$100.00 just for the switch lever. It's a tight fit but it will work and a few re-wiring must be done for it to work properly.

Other than that fitment went perfect went on perfectly and there is a notch you just slide it in place so you can't screw up the wheel alignment it only goes on one way.
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Hi SLVR Stealth,

You should get the TRD Celica Steering Wheel from us directly. ;)


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