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2001SilverGTS said:
I for one would feel much like he does and not want my car back after it had been stolen, and possibly abused and/or damaged. Remember the saying once a car is in an accident it's never "Truly" the same. It applies here too (mentally), once a car is stolen, it never feels like it is yours again.

Plus, the idiot who stole the car, most likey beat the **** out of it too.

Although i don't understand why you don't seem more upset when posting (i was crying my brains out and ready to kill someone when my car got keyed), i hope you feel better none-the-less. I'm sure this has been a rough week for you, and i wish we could support ya more than with these damn sympathy posts. Don't worry about a thing kid, everything will be okay. chin up! could've been worse. :( :)
1 - 3 of 90 Posts
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