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Trial Celica STOLEN!!!

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WELL it finally happen my celicca is gone...

i was at a party and somone got the keys to my car no one knows where they are they just vanish!! lol "nice family huh" well the next day i go home to get my spare and when i return my baby is gone

so now i want nothing to do w/ the celica if it returns

but for the people involved in the summer project as far as im conserned iys still on!

im out peace!
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WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN! I'm going on a head hunt! thats f*cked up man!, who ever stoled it is stupid if they think they can get rid of the parts, and about people not knowing, thats BS! someone knows something, call me tonight at my house bro.
1 - 1 of 90 Posts
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