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my celica got stolen with the SAME EXACT situtaiotn that trail had.... me and my FRIENDS were getting stoned....hehe.... and when i woke up... my keys and my celica were gone..... i made a post a loooooooooooong time ago bout this.. i was happy it was going too i only had it a month and the mofo was stolen... i was like hell ya..... supra here i come .... but the stupid mofo celica was back in my arms 2 days later... give that ***** some sympathy...damn

friends can be f'ed up sometimes... even your freinds friends who you dont know....

it was my friends friend that did it .. and he is still locked up this day...

serves the mofo right... although i wish the car never did come back oh well im making the best of it...

i should be breaking the 13.99 barrier soon... and all NA...

have a heart people and make the best out of what u got... cause u never know when itll be gone.. **sniff **sniff
1 - 1 of 90 Posts
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