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Trial Celica STOLEN!!!

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WELL it finally happen my celicca is gone...

i was at a party and somone got the keys to my car no one knows where they are they just vanish!! lol "nice family huh" well the next day i go home to get my spare and when i return my baby is gone

so now i want nothing to do w/ the celica if it returns

but for the people involved in the summer project as far as im conserned iys still on!

im out peace!
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dude...sorry to hear bout ur car man....that sux...i wouldn't know wat to do if my car get stolen...
vod said:
OMFG tell me you're not the dude who legally changed his name to optimus prime!
My friend had them read "Optimus Prime" as his name when he graduated college a few years ago.
Trial00GTS said:
u know what!!! **** all you pos haters ok i suffering alot more than this right now i type this one hand because im going for hand ergury and also to find out i ned another neck sergury YOU WANT ME2 CRY YOU A MOTHER ****ING RIVER HERE YOU GO!!!:( :( :( AND I DONT give a :fawk: about anyone that doesnt care about my life how dare you break out w/ inseruance fraud and :fawk: you i just hope it neverhappens to you but i not going be a little bitch and call insurence fraud that just ****ing wrong.....
note: sorry i brought Trial to us the way did and trying to get more stuff to the celica maarkeet i see the love you guys bring
tell me this why would i want to come back to the celica family if i do you wont hear ****!

peace out
Hey man, sorry to hear about your car it was really well done. Anyways, screw all those haters, its the internet and there will be those dumbasses who feel the need to fuk with other people because they are losers. Anyways, take it easy and hope things get better
dam. very sorry, i am mad for you. just take it easy what happened already happened.
Hey Trial, many of us feel for ya bro. Don't let the asses in here get ya down. Please keep us posted on what's going on, k?

Good luck and best wishes!!!
my celica got stolen with the SAME EXACT situtaiotn that trail had.... me and my FRIENDS were getting stoned....hehe.... and when i woke up... my keys and my celica were gone..... i made a post a loooooooooooong time ago bout this.. i was happy it was going too i only had it a month and the mofo was stolen... i was like hell ya..... supra here i come .... but the stupid mofo celica was back in my arms 2 days later... give that ***** some sympathy...damn

friends can be f'ed up sometimes... even your freinds friends who you dont know....

it was my friends friend that did it .. and he is still locked up this day...

serves the mofo right... although i wish the car never did come back oh well im making the best of it...

i should be breaking the 13.99 barrier soon... and all NA...

have a heart people and make the best out of what u got... cause u never know when itll be gone.. **sniff **sniff
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Oh ****, i just realized those bastards even got a O.E. hood off seabrook's car. you dont come across one of thsoe every day. hopefully someone will put a pipe to the thief's face sometime soon.

Don't let this ****ers turn u down bro. We got you're back. Some of this guys are just being an ass and dumb ****in ignorant. I hope you get ur car back soon and we feel ur pain.

nyoneway said:

Sometimes when really bad things happen to you, you kind of accept it and don't want to think about it. I lost $7g a couple of weeks ago and I just felt very indifferent about it and I try to pretend that it didn't happen. Life goes on, you don't want it to affect you more than it should.

yeah ,i agree sometimmes you just have to pretend it didnt happen just to keep your pride and your head up.Ive taken big,big losses and just have to grin and bear it sometimes to get thru the day.It's better to focus on rebuillding then the negative that just happened......KEEP YOUR HEAD UP DOG!!
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